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Muskoka, Ontario, Canada Wedding: Keaton + Oliver


So, I love shooting friends’ weddings for SO many reasons. I’ve known Keaton and Oliver for some time now and when they asked me to shoot their wedding, I jumped at it. Rob Munroe (my guest shooter) and I spent three days up in Muskoka, Ontario in some of the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen. I have been missing my native Minnesota recently and this turned into a spiritual refill the likes I’ve not seen since I was back at my Grandma’s cabin.

We prayed and prayed and yet it rained on the day, but Keaton, Oliver and their guests shrugged it off and had a beautiful ceremony where she arrived at the ceremony in an antique mahogany boat. Just stunning. Of course when it came time to do our portraits of the bride and groom, the rain drenched the place, but we stayed out as long as we could and then crawled inside a warm cabin and finished up there.

The reception was amazing. I’ve never heard such incredible speeches and someone made a video short that had all of us in stitches.

Oh and all of the Hula Hooping you see? Keaton is a founding member of a company called Hoopnotica which is amazing. It was the highlight of the dancing photos. I even got in on the action, but I ain’t posting those photos…not pretty I tell you. Not pretty.

I somehow ended up in a hot tub with about 20 other people until 5am, singing at the top of our lungs (We finished one song at Rob’s urging… “Bohemian Rhapsody” if you can believe it…thank you to Angie for pushing us through to the end)

Also a special shout out to Gabriella for all her help and Chris-o for helping us weather…well..the weather!


Enjoy! (it takes a bit to load…lots of fun photos!)


pamela Telgenhoff:

WOW! I absolutely love your work! It is amazing. I am going to go back and browse some more!

(22.11.2008, 08:12PM)

Janet Logan:

Congratulations Keaton!

The pictures are wonderful and you look drop-dead gorgeous! Looks like you all have LOTS of fun. I wish you and Oliver the very very best that life has to offer. You deserve it!

(11.11.2008, 02:20PM)

natalie hatch:

I have just had to share this post with friends of mine from our writing group. You have soo captured this family setting wonderfully. I could write an entire romance novel just on these photos alone. Such a great story teller.

(07.11.2008, 11:57AM)


I just happened to stumble upon this site and want to let you know these are absolutely beautiful and moving, so much in fact that I cried a little watching this slideshow. I wish you and this couple the best of luck and love <3

(06.11.2008, 06:34PM)


Wonder Boy,
You are amazing. Thank you (and Rob!) so much for the gift of this photography. These pictures will live forever in our life together- you captured the day with such perfection, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Big Big Love, Keaton

(23.10.2008, 09:02PM)


Ryan & Rob - Just watched the show again and it's even more increcdible. I want to thank you for sharing your gift with all of us.

(20.10.2008, 06:16PM)


Gosh, if there aren't one or two new shots for the blog's banner, I dunno what to say. The rain and the hula certainly made for some dramatic pics.
Stunning photography and beautiful subjects... what a display!

(16.10.2008, 11:50PM)


Ryan and Rob,
I could not get fast enough to Toronto from the cottage to see your masterpiece. It is true photographic Art.
Thank you for giving me a lifetime to remember this special day.
The couples Canadian Mom

(15.10.2008, 12:34AM)


Ryan - You are truly an artist. Viewing your photograph evoked emotions of joy, love and a wish that we could do it all again. Thank you for your work.

(14.10.2008, 05:16PM)

Ericson "Mojo" Balagtas:

Ryan and Rob,

Truly amazing work guys. I knew you wouldn't disappoint. You've captured so many great moments from a great weekend, that it brings me back to my "happy" place.

(14.10.2008, 02:21PM)

Marco Koechli:

Ryan, as the photographer your lens has truely bared witness to the event and has catpured light, feeling and emotion. You see what is often passive to participants. Capturing is not the just word. You have isolated specific instances where special and important relationships have happened. Congratulations, well done.

(13.10.2008, 12:31AM)

Juli Anderson:

Ryan and Rob...these pictures are beautiful! We were all truly blessed that weekend, and I believe the two of you captured it magnificently. Thank you for keeping the memories alive!

(12.10.2008, 02:37AM)

Brady Cox:

These are terrific pictures! What a great wedding with a great bunch of people. Cheers to the newlyweds.

(12.10.2008, 02:28AM)


Wow Ryan...these are simply beautiful! :)

(10.10.2008, 03:26AM)

Pat McCarten:

OMG... Simply fantastic. Brings a wee tear to mee eye, making me remember my wedding day. I'm so happy for you guys, and the photographer clearly made it time well spent getting all the shots taken. Awesome!

(10.10.2008, 12:00AM)

Mark Dewald:

Wow. Going through these photo's was almost as fun as the actual wedding! Everyone looks fantastic. Truely stunning work guys.

(09.10.2008, 10:38PM)

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