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Balboa Park Wedding, San Diego, CA: Karin + Evans


Ah, San Diego! I’ve been looking forward to this wedding for a while. And when Karin told me she was buying a special wedding dress for our beach shoot the day after the wedding, I did a happy dance which turned into my own personal dance concert once I saw the Prado and Balboa Park.

Rain can often be a real downer for a wedding day, but these two barely blinked an eye as the rare San Diego rain poured down and pulled their ceremony inside. They were more concerned about how their guests were feeling about it than themselves. People had come from Texas, Arizona, New York, Portland, Colorado….all over the place. In spite of the drizzles and sprinkles, we got some kickin photos of both of them and their ceremony was intimate and lovely.

One small memory that brings a smile to my face….just before the ceremony, Evan called Karin and she had the rings in her hand and gazed at them while sweetly asking, “So…are you excited to marry me?” (You can see that photo in the slideshow) And of course, ANYONE who uses Willie Nelson for their wedding dance has my number.

I also had the pleasure of having Ariel and Josh from Anika London Media along for this as a guest shooter and videographer respectively. So many thanks to such talented people giving up a Saturday to come and play. What fun!




Sweet Jesus Ryan... these photos are the dreamiest photos I have ever seen. Well, well, well done!

(22.04.2009, 05:58AM)

Heather Ahrens:

Don't you just love the warm weather in the wintertime? You should move to a warmer climate... perhaps FL?

(06.02.2009, 05:43AM)


GREAT WORK Ryan! Love the one of them dancing with the man playing music behind them. Really wonderful shots!!!!

(13.01.2009, 05:12PM)

Amy Barrick:

Ryan, you've made me both sad that I couldn't be there and grateful that Karin and Evans asked you to be their photographer, because it's almost as if I were there. You captured the joy and free spirit of both days. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

(05.01.2009, 08:27PM)

Suzie and Phil Corkill:

Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. We certainly enjoyed the wedding and your pictures expressed both the outward and inward beauty of this couple. The pictures are awesome!

(04.01.2009, 11:13PM)

Kitty Balay Genge:

What glorious pictures!!!! Well done, Ryan!

(04.01.2009, 09:36AM)

Anne and Bob Hendricks:

Ryan, almost three weeks ago our daughter Karin and Evans were married. The day was like a dream for us—so many special and unique moments. You gave them and us a gift of capturing those moments that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Karin told us you are a brilliant photographer but your work far exceeded our expectations. We are truly grateful to you. Wishing you much joy and many blessings in 2009.

(31.12.2008, 06:12PM)


stunning! absolutely stunning. best wedding pictures I've ever seen! Thanks for making it such a treasured memory for all of us Ryan.

(23.12.2008, 12:00AM)

Jen Davis:

Stunning!!! Amazing job Ryan! I'm so jealous you got the Anika London crew to shoot with you :-)

(22.12.2008, 04:01PM)

rob munroe:

beautiful images Ryan, my favorite is Karin on the rocks.

(22.12.2008, 11:47AM)

Jill & Bob Ruttenberg:

These photos are amazing!
Many could easily be in magazines. Such joy, such emotion!
We couldn't make the wedding, we are neighbors and friends of the Hendricks, now living in Costa Rica.
Bravo to all!
Jill & Bob Ruttenberg

(21.12.2008, 04:15PM)

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