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The Metropolitan Building, Long Island, NY: Clemencia + Ajay


This was my very first midnight wedding. What a hoot! And what an amazing couple and location! Clemencia and Ajay decided to have their Indian ceremony and reception at The Metropolitan Building in Long Island City, which is a stunning location. Four floors of antique furniture and beautiful mirrors and perfection for a wedding (not to mention for a wedding photographer). The entire ceremony was a deluge of red and gold and all the love two people can have for one another. I love the brilliant chaos of Indian weddings as both Clemencia and Ajay were ushed into the space, surrounded by dancing, chanting, laughing and unselfconscious expressions of love from their South American and Indian families.

We only had a brief time to shoot their portraits after the ceremony, but we got some lovely work done. My favorite part was asking Clemencia to try and put on a straight face. She couldn’t! That wonderful smile was on her face from the first moment I saw her until the end of the night when they discovered that, in their immersion in the party, they had forgotten to cut and eat their cake! They both laughed and ate the cake with no hands. Just awesome. What is love but eating a cake together with only your faces?


Monica Tabares Lujan: I was invited to Clemens wedding and much of what went on tends to forget as time passes, but the pictures have allowed us all to remember and cherish that wonderful day.. it is as if we were there once again; the smell of incense, the music, the laughter, and seeing my beautiful cousin so beautiful and happy. (28.02.2013, 05:00PM)

Duane Heaton:

Ryan, Clemencia came into the camera store where I work and also teach photography workshops. She hired me to provide her with some photography tips for an event that she is going to photograph. She honored me by showing her wedding photographs taken by you. These images are amazing! I have had the opportunity to work with several well known names in wedding and portrait photography, your images capture the passion, love and excitement of Clemencia and Ajay, like no other.

If you ever have the need for a second shooter or helper, please let me know.
I would love the opportunity to help you whenever the chance comes around.

Duane Heaton
Washington DC

(13.04.2010, 02:09AM)


Ryan I LOOOOVE these!

(09.04.2009, 01:37AM)

Lindsay Flanagan:

Ryan, these are beautiful! Need any help shooting this season? :)

(28.03.2009, 01:56AM)

Steven Young:

The lighting with the booth photos looks amazing!

(24.03.2009, 07:08PM)

Ryan Jensen:

Oh my gosh! You SHOULD have taken me to Bora Bora! I would have gone in a heartbeat!

There are probably a few people you won't know in the slideshow, seriously. It got a little crazy in there.

(17.03.2009, 09:47PM)

Clemencia and Ajay:

Can't wait to see them all. To bad we didn't take you to Bora Bora with us to photograph our Island wedding. By the way we do know who everyone is we were trying to be funny.

(17.03.2009, 09:42PM)

Ryan Jensen:

Oh and those were people at your wedding! If you don't know them, there must have been a few crashers!!!!

(17.03.2009, 06:03AM)

Ryan Jensen:

I knew you two were coming back from your honeymoon soon! I hope you had a wonderful time and I am thrilled that you are enjoying the photos. I have SO MANY more to share with you. I can't wait to see your faces!!!!

(17.03.2009, 06:02AM)

Clemencia and Ajay:

We can't stop looking at the photos. Each moment's essence is beautifully captured.
Love the photo booth! - Who are those people?
Your team is amazing - Thank you, thank you, thank you!

(17.03.2009, 04:30AM)


Ryan, so incredible! You captured the night and the beauty perfectly!

(11.03.2009, 04:38PM)

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