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The Outdoor Art Club Wedding, California: Joanna + Peter


I met Joanna and Peter up in Canada at Keaton and Oliver’s wedding last Autumn and we chatted really briefly about their wedding in March of 2009. Lo and behold, I got a call this winter from Peter and the ball got rolling and suddenly, I am at The Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley, CA, just north of the San Francisco Bay in March. (Just as I start enjoying how “warm” it’s been in NYC, I get smacked in the behind with 65 degrees for 6 days.)

My friend Matty and one of my new favorite shooters in the Bay Area, Heather Powell, rocked this one, even with the threat of rain looming. It broke for the ceremony and gave us an hour or so to shoot their family, wedding party and their portraits. What a bunch of champs! (Because 65 degrees is “cold”…you know…”winter”…I am a boy from Minnesota. I see people put on heavy coats and 60 degrees and I am baffled.)

The wedding went off without a hitch. I’ll admit we got more naughty pictures in my photo booth than I can show here or anywhere for that matter. I think I am going to have to hold a few back because of potential lawsuits. I have to give a major shout out to Grace Dougan of A Touch of Grace wedding and event coordinating. Not only did she facilitate the smoothness of a rainy day event but somehow found a way to accommodate every single thing I asked her for. Every single thing. I started making stuff up later in the day: “I want a diet coke, no ice, served in an ostrich shell…” And there it would be. And the buffet provided by Cater Marin was excellent as well! Terry saw I was eating standing up and forced a chair under my butt…highly needed.

And I need to mention one other thing: When I ran across the street to meet Joanna at the salon, she turned around and my heart cheered a little inside! Just gorgeous. She got the dress on and it cheered louder. By the time we got to Peter and Joanna’s portraits, I had a full-scale cardiac “Wave” going on when she took direction and ran with it like a paid model. This was a good day. Blessings on both of you and everyone who attended. You all made me love my job just a little bit more today.


de Young Museum Wedding Photography: Lindsey + Chris « Ryan Jensen Photography: [...] California weddings I’ve done over the last couple of years and more specifically friends of Joanna and Peter who I shot in Mill Valley. What an extraordinary treat to get to know Lindsey and Chris, their [...] (13.10.2011, 05:21PM)


Great work as always and what a beautiful bride!

(20.04.2009, 10:32PM)


Ryan, these are stunning. We knew we'd hired an incredible talent but your work more than exceeded our expectations.

Thank you so much and we cannot wait to see the rest!

(07.04.2009, 08:56PM)

jenn verme:

Love these photos! You are right, she is gorgeous! I love her dress, simple and beautiful :) My favs are definitely the ones in the alley.

(30.03.2009, 07:06PM)

Heather Powell:

Ryan, these look amazing! I had such a great time working with you and with Joanna and Peter. Congrats on all your success! Please look me up again if you ever need an SF second shooter in the future.

(28.03.2009, 06:47PM)


Wow, absolutely stunning!!!!!!

(28.03.2009, 05:48PM)


Love this set! Bride and groom looks perfect for each other– good posers!

(28.03.2009, 05:07PM)

Rob Munroe:

Great wedding Ryan!! Awesome images.

(28.03.2009, 05:02PM)


Wow, I love this post. What a gorgeous couple, she looks like a total super model. Love the dress and the general styling of the wedding as well. They look like such a fun couple to work with!! The photos aren't half bad either ;) (I kid! They rock!)

(28.03.2009, 04:51PM)

Sarah Q:

What a cute couple!! I love the flower in her hair and all the flowers in the aisle. Those alley shots are AWESOME, too!

(28.03.2009, 04:28PM)


love, love, love 'em!! i adore all the details. the colors, the flowers, the dresses, the venue - perfecto! and, of course, the bride is looking stunning in that dress. my fave is the one where she's spinning. it's so whimsical.

(28.03.2009, 02:30PM)

Ken Cavanaugh:

Great images! I especially love the shots in the alley!

(28.03.2009, 01:30PM)

Lori Barbely:

What a fun wedding! I love the movie theater shots and the bride looks gorgeous in that dress!

(28.03.2009, 01:28PM)

Matt McGraw:

Ryan, me likey... the first dance one, the DJ one, great kid shots! ok ok I love them all and she is one HOT bride!! :) Im flying out the door to shoot a wedding on the east coast.. Cant wait to check out the slideshow

(28.03.2009, 12:55PM)

Darrell Brock:

Great shots! What a lovely couple and a great venue. Nice work.

(28.03.2009, 11:40AM)

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