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Full Moon Resort Wedding: Libby + Eric


Wedding Venue: Full Moon Resort

Catering: Full Moon Resort

Shoes: Kate Spade

Florist: Elderberry Designs and Flowers

Cake: Sweet Nothings

Dress: Temperley London

DJs: Trent Wolbe & Rob Hatch-Miller

Groom’s ring: Simply Wood Rings by Gustav Reyes


Oh my Gosh! Where do I start on this wedding!? At the beginning…

I met Libby, Eric and Libby’s mom, Chris this Spring and was informed immediately that they all hated having their photos taken. Of course, I am ALWAYS up for a challenge…

…and come the wedding day, no challenge showed up. The brief period of rain in the middle of the day happened when everyone was beneath the reception tent and only REALLY opened up once everyone was either safely in bed or tearing up the floorboards in the after party. Eh? And where was the couple who was camera shy? (Their guests certainly weren’t: I got my first intentional flasher in the photo booth.)

As my guest photographer, Jennifer Boyle, said: “I want these people to be my friends!” I felt the same exact way. And, as you can see, the dancing went late into the night, starting at the reception tent and moving into what Full Moon Resort calls their “Party Barn” but seems to be a full-on bar and dance hall. DJ friends rock. I’ve never heard such great music at a wedding. I don’t know if these guys do weddings regularly but if they do and you are looking for hipness personified…email them.

Full Moon Resort is an extraordinary place to have a wedding. I just can’t say it enough. It’s a little off the beaten path but worth the drive (which is stunning in its own right!)



These are so beautiful. You're a great photographer/doctor. You come prepared with band-aids!!

(07.08.2009, 02:38PM)

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