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Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Wedding: Sharon + Brian


Initially introduced to me through their work in the theatre a few years back, Sharon and Brian have become great friends of mine. They are just the sort of driven, fun-loving people who you know are going to have an unforgettable wedding. What an outstanding group of friends and family and an incredible location!

Sharon is the sort of bride who can’t stop laughing the whole day. Every time you think she is smiling the biggest smile that life can provide her, she somehow finds a little more joy…a little more grace…a little more absurdity; their wedding was full of all of those moments. Brian’s emotions seemed to ricochet around the room, swept away by the enormity and blessings bestowed upon them both with every passing second. Every friend seen for the first time, every recollection in a toast and every warmth-filled hug brought a new discovery and he cherished them all.

Their friends and family were absolutely committed to keeping them aloft…a spiritual hora that lasted the whole day. I can only imagine that by the time they fell into bed, they could barely summon another “I love you”…another kiss…another act of surrender. Then again… ;)

Congratulations you two!

Event & Catering: Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center

Cake: Sweet on You Bakery

Dress: Badgley Mischka

Florist: Blade

Hair: Dana Bartone

Paper: Prim and Pixie


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