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The New Leaf Cafe Wedding: Jennifer + Dylan


When I met Jennifer and Dylan last year, I got cocky and decided I knew how this wedding was going to go.

She was the planner and he was the color commentary.

He would party while she controlled the flow of the day.

She would cry in the ceremony and he would laugh.

So much for my intuition! What a difference a wedding makes.

Jennifer is one of my favorite ever brides. Come the day, the planning was all but left left behind (note to brides…really good strategy if you want to enjoy your day!) She simply spent the morning getting ready and loving her amazing, gorgeous bridesmaids and mom. Smooth sailing. Smiles. No barking, tears or cajoling. She was perfect.

I didn’t see Dylan (also one of my favorite ever grooms) until he was at the altar. And the cool demeanor was abandoned. He waited impatiently for her, fidgeting and seemingly unsure of what to do with his hands, his eyes, his brain. And then she walked in the church.

She was grace in human form, clearly brought to the height of her beauty by her love for Dylan. The moment he saw her his tears flowed… so clearly humbled by his soulmate’s elegance and the prospect of spending the rest of his life with her. Then their smiles and laughter and shared love joined together on the altar and they became so much more together. Deeper, funnier, more beautiful and complete.

The rest of the day seemed a blur for everyone involved. Hilarious toasts. Amazing family. Brilliant dancing. Ridiculously tasty food. Rocking, talented band…and one new Danish tradition that I’ve never seen:

Nearing the end of the night, several men got together on the dance floor, lifted Dylan up, forcibly removed his shoes and someone came at him with a pair of scissors (mind you, this is later in the night and drinks have been flowing liberally)…and then they cut the toes of his socks off.

I love my job. Best of luck to both of you (and your little nugget of a dog Sebastian) as you move forward in your new lives together.

(Major note to brides who want to plan a city wedding: New Lead Café is an INCREDIBLE venue with attentive staff, the best food I’ve ever tasted at a wedding and an ability to roll with the punches of the day without ever asking the guests to.)

Reception: New Leaf Cafe

Dress: Badgley Mischka

Flowers: Posies

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Band: Hank Lane Music

Hair: Orchid Spa (her mom!)

Makeup: Deb Genova (646) 492-2215

Paper: Lee’s Art Shop




Dearest Dylan and Jennifer

What a wonderfull slide show,lovely music and very true words from Ryan. I got all very emotional looking at the lovely pictures which brought me back to a magical wedding day.

(26.11.2009, 09:32PM)

cousin Jette:

Dear Jennifer and cousin Dylan.

What great pictures - you must have had the best thinkable wedding. Wish we could have been there with you.

Also thank you very much for your card - we (including the girls) enjoyed it several times.

Love from cousin Jette, Martin, Ellen & Irene

(26.11.2009, 02:33PM)

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