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Driftwood Farms, Orient Point, NY: Betsy + Marc


Wow. Wow. Wow.

I was lucky enough to shoot Betsy’s sister, Jodi, at her wedding last year. You have no idea how flattering and inspiring it is to shoot another wedding with so many of the same family and friends present.

I’ve been friends with these sisters for some time, having done work for Capes Coaching, their performance coaching business, as it has grown into one of the premiere places for actors to hone their craft in NYC. People rely on them for so much and they tend to shy away from the spotlight themselves. It’s always refreshing and fulfilling to help two gorgeous, accomplished, brilliant women, celebrate with their equally joy-filled partners.

The icing on the cake? They hosted completely different weddings. From stem to stern.

This wedding was at a gorgeous new venue on the North Fork called Driftwood Farms. Beautiful huge finished barn, the long beams of sunlight bursting into the ceremony and the most relaxed and laughter-filled reception. I’ve worked with the planner, James Abel, a couple of times and his events are always spot-on. Cleanly produced and stress-free. Incredible band and what a freaking amazing sunset.

The highlight of the day to me? Two of their friends singing “The Next Ten Minutes” from Jason Robert Brown’s musical “The Last Five Years.” Hard to shoot photos when the tears won’t stop coming out of my eyes. Just very grateful for autofocus. (Little side note – my wife and I subsequently used the text from this song in our wedding as well.)

I have to thank Betsy and Marc and their families for offering me such incredibly intimate access to their wedding day.


Meaghan Coughlan: Hi!! My fiancé and I are interested in having our wedding reception at your beautiful venue. Do you schedule site visits? (26.11.2016, 11:38PM)

sam baron: can you tell me what time of year these were taken? considering driftwood as a venue in the fall and would like to hear from people who have used them. thanks (05.01.2012, 04:26PM)

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